Contingency Fees

What Is A Contingency Fee?

Columbia South Carolina AttorneysIn polite company, one should never talk about: religion, politics, relationships, or salary, yet, many people wonder: how much do South Carolina Attorneys make? When you understand what a contingency fee is, this becomes simple to answer.

Plaintiff Firm

If the attorney is working for a plaintiff firm, they work on a contingency basis. This means that they get paid for their services if, and only if, they get a positive outcome. You only owe the lawyer money if they can get you financial compensation for your damages—whatever they may be. This is to provide an incentive to file lawsuits with merit and get you results in an expedited manner as some cases have a statute of limitations attached. Short and dirty: they get paid if you get paid.

Defense Attorneys

A defense attorney will usually charge by the hour (at a fairly exorbitant rate) meaning their income is not contingent upon a positive outcome.

Contingency Cases We Handle

We handle many different types of cases that are on a contingency fee basis. Some include:

  • Qui tam (whistleblower cases);
  • Social security cases;
  • Class action lawsuits; and
  • Personal injury cases

Please Don’t Wait

If you have wanted to file a lawsuit but feared you didn’t have the monetary means to pay for strong, good, experienced representation, please don’t wait to call a South Carolina attorney as soon as possible so they can discuss the merits of your case and discuss the contingency fee. These attorneys will work to get you favorable results.

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